Monday, March 16, 2009

The first couple of days in Nainital I spent time analyzing the harder questions about myself as a person, Payir as a truth based organization and my own role towards that. As I got clearer and clearer about my own failings, I was much lighter and started enjoying every moment..making new and beautiful friends. With those friends, early next morning, we went trekking up the Naina hills (about 2700 m high). The locals still call this as Cheena peak as it gave a view of Chinese border villages from the top before a land slide around 1850s brought it to the present height. Now, it provides a breath taking view of Lake Nainital and the town. While we didn't reach the top, we still got some awesome views and could see a few Bhransh and Rhododendron in blossom.

This trek made me even more lighter and for that matter during most of that day's presentations, I was laughing..more of giggling!!


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