Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Over to Ranikhet

The final day of our programme was held at Ranikhet and we arrived there the evening before. Ranikhet is at a higher altitude than Nainital but was lot different for a hill station. It looked a lot flat, more like a grassland - the difference is the tall pines and deodhars. No near by hill climbed higher than this, but at a distance we could see some awesome views of the snow peaked Himalayan ranges.
The next morning, I decided to go down hill trekking. This time though, there were no other takers! One way it worked fine for me as I took an off-beaten path. Aiming for the ravine's trough, I descended quite an altitude but after somtime, I saw my futility..this was one huge hill with almost no adjoining formations in near sight! Then, I decided to a climb a small rocky formation that could give a clearer view. Once on top of it, I could realize how insignificant a creature we are.. a vast expanse of nature...snow peaks, hills, trees, birds chirping, sounds of bees..at some far distance, a winding road, some sounds of cattle, some seemed to be on the plough..as i could hear their master shouting. When I stared down the rocky precipice, my legs trembled which brought a huge realization in me..i was afraid of death. Quite similar fear happened to me in Rishikesh last year when Ganges could have easily washed me away. I had all along been debating going into a spiritual mould, but this last experience showed to me that I was too attached to my body and the work I am into!


Blogger M Ramanathan said...

Nature is truly beautiful! How much ever mankind can claim victory using science, can they do anything against true magnificent Nature's will?

Our lifespan is a tiny speck in the vast ocean of time. True human beings try to make the little time more fruitful to themselves and every other creature on earth. Yet there are millions and millions who spend this little time trying to chase something after the other, through easy, wrongful mechanisms, without realizing how nature and time will eventually overcome all their feats!

You are doing a wonderful job. Keep doing your duty, and rewards will show up.

May 18, 2009 at 12:14 AM  

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