Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here is how some of the advertisements in Indian television goes -

1. A guy drives around in a sleek bike. He notices a lot construction activity going - large skylines growing up and not a greenery in sight. He stops his bike in front of one of these monstrosities, gets down and tears down a foreign job offer letter. The background voice says with so much development happening in India, why go abroad?

2. Some kids eat a brand of biscuit and show their strong muscles; the view shifts to a great Manhattan skyline and back ground voice says - "Building strong foundation". 
Hmmm. Not surprisingly, there is an inherent message in these advertisements that development equals to great skyline and no trees. Development means cities and massive construction.

The common consensus in media world is that development means construction and sky lines. But, do not blame them, because most us also think in the same terms. We are brought up with the idea that development means cities and skylines. In fact, I stay in those monstrous looking building in Bangalore. Is it our education that makes us inherently think that development means buildings, sky line and infrastructure?

What is development for you? How will you define it to be more inclusive?

Picture Source: Atomic Shark

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