Friday, November 26, 2010

HOPE for us to Have and Give

Today I visited a person who is nearing 80. She has done yeoman service in her professional life spanning nearly 50 years and still doing in other ways. During our conversation, at one point she told that she is surprised that I carry the hope for a better to-morrow. She says, with the magnitude of (immoral) happenings that she sees around today, people (like her) of her generation hope only for the end of their mortal life. I am sure, this is not one person's commentary, but of many.
This strikes me very hard. If our generation is creating such disdain with our previous one, we need to question ourselves what is that we are giving to our next generation? I tell myself that all these stuff of working for social development is secondary, tertiary more so...the most important meaningful work we can do to create HOPE...a hope that communities and societies based on compassion, honor and truth can exist even among the ruins created by the same human society.