Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hazards of one-dimensonal solutions

Our broad band connection is the back bone for our Software development, E-learning initiative and Tele-Medicine – each one of them making a huge difference to our efforts here. In the first place, this type of connection to a rural area beyond the normal limits, itself was a tremendous effort by the local staff of BSNL.
Lately, for the past 3 months, we have been having constant issues with this connection. And I don't think the initial level of efforts is there now to try solving the issues. Normally, such issues are not one-dimensional but our working culture wants to solve that way. In this case – distance from sender tower to us is larger than normal limits.
I think, in solving issues that has a high amount of social impact, one needs to first decongest the small bottle necks. While, a larger and permanent solution could come from the "one-dimensional" issue – the high level of technicalities, economics and time for creating such solutions means insisting on it can tremendously slow social progress.


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