Monday, May 25, 2009

Senthil's marraige

Senthil, one of our key resources at Payir, has been looking for a bride for the past few months. His condition for the prospect is interesting – he wants at least a high school educated girl and be in a position to join our work at Payir!

He had been searching hard for the last few months. For one reason or other, a match did not happen till last week, when he found Megahala - +2 educated, computer literate girl! Last Wednesday, the girl’s family came to Thenur to enquire on Senthil’s credentials. When I say family, they are an entourage of about 35 people! The girl’s parents, her maternal and paternal Uncle and their families and other close relatives. Their intention was to enquire on Senthil’s livelihood means, his attitude to life, his standing with the community and his vision for the family – not from him or his immediate family, but his relatives and neighbours at their own home! Now, at the end of it, they also expect to be given a good feast..which also decides the matter!! The feast is not just for them, they look for the people who attend from Senthil’s side. And on the sidelines, again there are enquiries. I was also part of their whole scheme of things and the feast too!

I could say they went back happy as they agreed to Senthil’s family’s plan of meeting the girl at her village the following Friday. When I enquired Senthil how the process goes from his side..he said it will be on similar lines..only that the entourage WILL HAVE to be at leaset 5 people more than the number from girl’s assert his supremacy!!! The boy’s family also liked the girl’s side and the betrothal took place the same day. The marriage is on June 25th.
Now I understand how arranged marriage goes about in village!


Blogger Roopesh Chander said...

At first reading, I did think it was Payir's founder Senthil who was getting married. Apparently not. Yet.

Just for clarification for junta like me: the Senthil who's getting married is one who's been working for Payir and not the founder.

June 4, 2009 at 9:22 PM  
Blogger Aparna Vittal Dhas said...


Wish I'd met Meghala and Junior Meghala!

Would certainly do so when I visit next!

August 8, 2010 at 5:06 PM  

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